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Exciting updates:

I am pleased and grateful to announce that I've been awarded a 2016 Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater is a prestigious congressional scholarship for promising early-career STEM researchers.

I am currently a senior undergraduate physics major at Georgia State University in Atlanta. My specific interests lie with observational astronomy, especially of objects in the stellar regime. I am fortunate enough to be working as a research assistant as a junior member of RECONS with Dr. Todd Henry. In my capacity with RECONS, I am actively involved in helping to determine astrometric parallaxes of nearby low-mass stars.

My current project invovles a RECONS sample of nine unresolved binaries of late M spectral types for which photocentric orbits are available from the astrometric residuals. We recently obtained imagery of all nine systems using HST's WFC3 in an attempt to resolve the individual components. I am currently working on deriving separations and flux ratios for the resolved stars in this sample, which when combined with the existing photocentric orbits and trigonometric distances should yield very precise fractional masses for the components of these systems. The goal is to extend the mass-luminosity relation to the end of the main sequence where almost no well-constrained dynamical masses are currently available. Preliminary work on this project was presented at the 227th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January 2016, and we anticipate submission of the publication in early 2017.

I spent the summer of 2016 as an intern at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory REU, working with Dr. Michael Dunham on protostellar accretion simulations. We will be presenting work on the importance of stochastic behavior in episodic accretion models at the 229th meeting of the AAS in January 2017, and will be submitting a publication shortly afterwards detailing the results.

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